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Put your customers
in the driver's seat

Build loyalty and increase customer lifetime value in automotive retail

with frictionless digital customer experiences

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Why Now?

Openness to buying online





Preference for

digital experience


Interested in a completely digital experience

Growth in OEM

direct-to consumer sales


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YoY 2021

Increase in sales


when customers choose F&I

products with self-service

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We envision a time when purchasing and owning a vehicle offers the same frictionless

engagement that we enjoy when buying a computer, finding a place to stay, or ordering food.


We believe putting the customer in control with personalized and transparent interactions

 builds trust and loyalty with dealer groups (and increases profits!). 


Our focus is building a customer engagement  platform that offers

digital self-service experiences for customers

and interaction insights for dealer groups to offer the best experience

for every customer, every time.



We're building the AutoIdea customer engagement platform to create one space

for dealers to engage with customers.


Digitizing interactions enables self-service for customers

and provides better insights for dealers to engage in valuable and meaningful ways.



 Self-service attracts digital-native customers, improves dealer efficiency, and increases margins by 34% (for Digital Purchase).

AutoIdea delivers self-service Digital Purchase and Digital Ownership capabilities with a customer portal that becomes a single point-of-contact between customers and dealers.



Not all your customers are the same - some are uncertain, some are confident, some are independent, some want guidance.  Customers want process and communication to be tailored to their individual needs and desires.


AutoIdea provides customers the freedom to find information, navigate your business processes, and communicate with you at their own pace, anytime, anywhere.  And with more information about what customers want, you can target customers

with offers that are most useful to them.


Asymmetric information, confusing process and paperwork, and pressure selling tactics all breed

a lack of trust in automotive retail.

AutoIdea delivers transparency with automated processes, one place for customers to view all their data, and the right information at the right time

to help customers make the best choice.


Interaction Insights

You have a lot of customer data already.  But the most valuable insights about your customers and their preferences comes from the interactions they have with your brand...  and your employees.   And that data can't be captured from a conversation.


AutoIdea collects the data from every interaction on the platform and recommends the best way to engage with each customer, giving them more of what they want and less of what they don't.  AutoIdea leaves your current systems and workflows as-is, but optimizes the way

you use them to deliver maximum revenue, profit, and customer loyalty.  

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We spent 10 years helping very large organizations in banking, insurance, telco, and healthcare use emerging digital technologies to transform their businesses.  Along the way we learned a few things:

  • Digital technologies are maturing quickly, yet very few enterprises understand how to make them USEFUL, both for customers and the business.

  • Time is of the essence - organizations who adopt digital technologies quickly thrive, and those who don't quickly fall behind.

  • Successful adoption of digital technologies requires a partner who understands both the tech AND your business/industry.

  • The auto industry is becoming more digital, but still behind leading industries.

Our team is made up of auto industry veterans, car buyers, and long-time auto enthusiasts who saw the opportunity to apply our expertise to help auto dealers protect their position in the automotive ecosystem and thrive in the new digital world.


We collectively have over 20 years of experience in digital transformation, and we're ready to help auto retailers find useful ways to engage their customers digitally.

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60 Atlantic Ave, Suite 200, Toronto, Ontario M6K1X9

+1 (647) 448 0003

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